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A Message from our Team

Dear valued foodies,

What is the extent of thought do you think we put before selecting our products? Did you know that there are over 30,000 food and beverages manufacturing and processing establishment in US alone? (reference: US Department of Agriculture. Did you know that Saudi imports 80% of its food requirements from around the world? (reference: Foodex Saudi)

We believe it is our job as experts, providers, and neighbors to carefully select and offer the best food items from around the world, with quality and deliciousness. Albahar Service has been nurturing this vision for 30 years, a family legacy that we instill in each and every one of our employees. Today it translates in to all categories of the market, from frozen food, to spices, baked goods, snacks and sweets, beverages, to dried delicacies.

Our mission is to source unique food items from around the world directly to you. Perseverance and passion is the key to success and we balance it perfectly with our love of experimentation and trying new things just for you.

Best Regards
Albahar Trade Team